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How Color Can Affect Your Exhibition Displays

When you are developing ideas for the displays and signs for your next exhibition, have you considered the impact that various colors have on those displays? Many people are so concerned with making sure there are no typos and getting the business name looking good that they forget about the colors involved in items like exhibition stands and even portable displays. Colors, however, are important for various reasons, because certain colors can elicit certain feelings and emotions, which is why it is crucial that you consider colors when choosing your displays.

Color Associations Are Important to Consider

Color Associations Are Important to Consider

People associate certain colors with certain industries, so this is something to consider when designing your tradeshow and large signs. For instance, if you are a business that offers environmentally friendly products or services, you may want to include the color green somewhere in your exhibition booth, because people associate that color with the environment. If your business deals with water – if you are selling hot tubs or spas, for example – you may want to use the color blue, since this color is usually associated with water.

Choose the Right Background Colors

Choose the Right Background Colors

It is always smart to pay attention to your background colors as well as the main colors, because these too have an impact on potential clients. Although you may be tempted to use bright colors in the background of your exhibition stands or portable displays, studies have shown that neutral colors such as beige, white, and cool colors in light shades draw the viewer’s attention towards the message itself and not the background colors, which is exactly what you want. After all, you want them to pay attention first to your message, because this is what will draw them in and keep them at your booth for a while.

Colors Can Have an Emotional Impact on the Viewer

Emotional Impact on the Viewer

When people are looking at your signs at an exhibition, certain colors can have an emotional impact on them. For instance, green and blue tend to evoke feelings of calm, while colors such as red and yellow elicit more excitement. Think about what you want your product or service to be associated with, and make sure everything in your exhibition booth is chosen accordingly. If you want your signs and tradeshow stands to portray feelings of excitement, that’s just fine, but make sure you use the correct colors throughout your exhibition pieces, as this is the only way to elicit the reactions you want from would-be customers.

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