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4 Reasons Why You Should Set up a Promotional Counter at a Mall

Promotional counters at mall

Promotional counters and displays are perfect for engaging with your prospective and existing customers face-to-face. They provide a great platform for showcasing your brand and products, interacting with customers, offering product samples, and information leaflets and running demos.
These easy-to-set-up tools are also very versatile in nature. You can use them at number of places that have high foot traffic such as tradeshows, retail stores, and shopping malls.
In this post, we’re going to particularly look at the various reasons why setting up a promotional counter at mall can be an effective marketing strategy for your business.

You Will Get Unmatched Exposure

Large shopping malls are visited by hundreds of people every day. That means you can get a chance to put across your brand message across huge numbers of people coming from various backgrounds. Such vast exposure is hard to achieve in most other settings.

You Get to Target a Broader Customer Demographic

Shopping malls are not only visited by a large number of people but these visitors also show a wide variation in their demographics. From adults to kids, from men to women, from local residents to tourists, and from the affluent to average earners, you will see all kinds of people at a mall. This means companies get a chance to promote their products to a highly diverse group of people by means of setting up promotional counters at key locations.

You Will Be Able to Make Great Impact for a Low Cost

Promotional counters are a low-investment promotional tool and the latest pop-up display features have made them even more affordable and practical to use. All you need to do is secure a good spot at one or more of the major malls in the city and you can create a high impact promotional campaign for your brand. Thus, having promotional counters at mall is a very cost-effective way to achieve prime visibility at high footfall locations.

You Get to Engage Customers Who Are in the Mood to Spend

The vast majority of people who visit shopping malls are there to spend money and they usually possess a higher disposable income. Thus, they react more positively to on-site promotional activities.
With a promotional counter in place, you get the chance to attract your target audience in the vibrant, yet relaxing atmosphere of a mall. You can offer samples and free tastings to generate greater leads and also use this as an opportunity to get valuable customer feedback.

A promotional counter at a mall can help you present your brand in a visual manner and help shoppers connect with your products. Such promotional activities in shopping malls allow you to target a larger audience and increase your brand awareness at a strategic location.