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6 Reasons to Use LED Backlit Panels as Trade Show Exhibits

LED backlit display board

LED backlit displays, also known as light boxes or LED backlit display boards, are not a new concept. However, they are becoming increasingly popular in the world of exhibition displays because they are helping brands create a massive impression at trade shows and expos.
Their ability to give your branding, logo, and other artwork a look that instantly pops is one reason why we’re seeing more and more of these excellent promotional tools at exhibition stands. Another great advantage they have to offer is that they don ‘t require several hours for set up and you can quickly dismantle them and take them to your next destination with great ease. 
Here are all the reasons why LED backlit panels are a must have for your next big show.

They Are Great at Drawing Attention

LED backlit displays can boost the overall graphic impact of your exhibition booth, thus they are very effective in bringing more visitors to you booth. Giant sized backlit panels or back to back LED displays will make your brand stand out from the rest and increase footfall to your exhibition space.

You Can Be Flexible with the Color of the Light

Even though white florescent light is the most commonly used light for backlit panels as it can truly add life to your text and graphics, you can be creative and choose other colors too. RGB LEDs are becoming very popular and allow users to set the panel at which ever color they desire. Moreover, you can also designed panels with colored lighting borders and mix and match colors to go with your branding.

They are Fully Customizable

LED backlit display boards can be designed using any kind of imagery, graphics, or text that you want showcased at your exhibition spaces. Moreover, LED backlit displays are very versatile as you can use them in the form of backdrops, light towers, portable counters, and more.

They Are Portable

Setting up these backlit display panels is easy and quick and you wouldn’t have to hire any external help to do this task. They are also lightweight and easy to transport.

They Are Energy Efficient

LED lights are much more energy efficient than the tradition incandescent lighting. So, by using them you save energy wastage and show your commitment to the environment as well.

They Provide Even Illumination

With LED backlit panels, there are no chances of the formation of any hotspots where the light intensity is greater than the rest of the box or board. LED light is transferred across the surface of the panel in an exceptionally uniform manner so you get a seamless display.

With all these amazing advantages that LED backlit panels bring to your exhibition displays, we hope that you are compelled to use them the next time you exhibit at a trade show.