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Getting People to Your Trade Show Booth Requires a Little Ingenuity

It may seem that in today’s tech-savvy world, trade shows and conferences would be waning in popularity but in fact, they are doing the opposite. Studies have shown that trade shows are more popular than ever; however, just because people are attending these shows doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be visiting your booth. Regardless of how flashy or eye-catching your booth is or how many bells and whistles it has, there is still no guarantee that the attendees will be visiting you when they attend these trade shows. There are, however, that you can take to increase the popularity of your booth and things that you can do to catch and keep the attendees’ attention.

Make Sure Your Booth Has Value

It may sound simple but a lot of people ignore this simple tip. If your booth has value for the would-be customer, that customer is more likely to approach it and start up a conversation with you. Things that you can do to add value to your booth include:

  • Free food or drink
  • Free sample of your product, if possible
  • Giveaway of an item that people think is valuable
  • Show special or discount
  • An ambience-filled experience
  • The opportunity to learn something valuable

Again, it doesn’t have to be something super exciting or expensive – just something that the customer perceives as valuable. Once you get them to your booth, the rest is up to you.

Give them a Certain Experience

If you hire a celebrity that your customers can interact with, provide a chance to be entertained that they can’t find elsewhere, or even create a memorable experience with a well-choreographed demonstration of your project, this gives the customer a feeling of gaining a special experience. This second-to-none experience gives him or her the feeling that he or she is being exposed to something unique and keeps his or her attention at the booth long enough for you to start up a conversation with him or her. As long as the experience is a unique or creative one, most customers will be attracted to it.

What Can They Learn by Visiting Your Booth?

Unlike other activities, trade show attendees wish to learn while they are there. They are not just there to have fun so if your booth is perceived as a place to go when the customer wants to learn something new, it will be much more popular. Attendees want to find out more about your product but in order for them to have this desire, you have to apply a bit of creativity and ingenuity. Explain how your product or service can help them do their jobs better, provide a new way of doing things, accommodate their specific needs, or prove that you are at the top when it comes to the newest, biggest, and brightest products or services.

Getting people to your booth and keeping them there is a lot easier with innovative promotional materials and keeping in mind what the customer needs and wants. Linking your promotions to a perceived value and experience helps greatly and just may be the push you need to get a large group of customers at your booth at the next trade show you attend.