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Importance Of Exhibition Booth Video

There is no doubt that pop up displays at trade shows have changed considerably in recent years. In days gone by, we used to visit an exhibit and pick up paper brochures and sign guest books with our name and postal address. These days, we visit booths to watch digital video content, interact with 3D-printed models, and use phone charging stations. While the goal of a trade show remains the same, the technology behind it has certainly changed!

So many exhibitors use digital video as an integral part of their content and branding that it is hard to find a booth without some sort of video set-up. Given how important video is to trade show marketing strategy, do you know what’s showing on your monitor and how it will have an impact beyond the event?

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Advice on Your Video Loop

A demo:
Do you have a new product to show off? If so, a product demo video might just be the best content to show guests attending the trade show. Well-produced product videos are especially useful for explaining concepts and showing how a product can be used.

The fact is that you have a number of choices when it comes to the video content that you stretch fabric media wall  during a trade show. The video loop that you play on a monitor needs to attract attention but also be informative. With this in mind, the following are some content options from which to choose:


3D animation:
 Slick and professionally produced 3D animated videos that showcase products from every angle are especially popular with many trade show attendees. This type of video loop really draws attention.


Office tour:What better way to show off your company and your brand than a virtual office tour on a big monitor? This allows potential customers to connect with who you are as a business.


Research and development:
Customers love to see behind the scenes, especially when it comes to how products are conceived and made. Why not put together a product life-cycle video so that everyone can connect with your new product?

When preparing to show a video loop, the following are some important things to keep in mind:


Most trade shows are very loud, so your video content really needs to stand out. If your video loop relies heavily on sound, you will need to address the issue of how people will be able to hear it above the noise of a crowd.


Using Video Wisely

The world of trade shows has changed dramatically, and if you have hesitated to jump into the world of digital video content, it is time to take another look. The right video content can really drive customers to your company, generate leads, and build brands. Furthermore, if you hire a third-party team to create your professional video content, why not continue to use the video after the trade show for your own long-term marketing strategies?

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Video is a visual medium, so it is important to choose your colours wisely. Are they clearly visible from a distance? Are the tones pleasing? Does it reflect the product and the company in a professional light?

Captions: If your video incorporates written content, it is also important to ensure that the words are easy to read from a distance.


Professionalism:Unless you can rely on a very specific skill set internally, have a professional third-party team put together your video content.