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Using Creativity In Trade Show Promotions

Attending trade shows is a good way for businesses to introduce new products, find new clients, and promote their companies. Since there can be hundreds of exhibitors at large trade shows, you need to be able to get people’s attention and the best way to do so is to be creative. Here are five tips for using creativity when promoting your business.

Consider Contests or Product Giveaways


It is important to draw traffic to your booth and a good way to do so is to create a contest or hold a drawing for the product or service that you’re promoting. When using this type of promotion, try to target the audience who would normally purchase the product or service, whether they are the end users or distributors. Although targeting your audience can be difficult to do when using contests or giveaways, attracting traffic to your booth is the main goal.

Give Out Promotional Items

Almost everyone likes collecting promotional items when he or she goes to fairs, conventions, or trade shows. Provide something unique and/or practical that people may put on their desks and use every day at the office. A tablet or smartphone stand, a see-through holder and lanyard for your work identification, or ear buds with your company’s logo and telephone number that can be used with a smartphone or iPod can be show favorites. These items will be more expensive than pens or pencils but since your company’s name is constantly in front of the user, they can help him or her remember your business when he or she needs its products or services.

Provide a Private Space


It can be difficult to talk to an interested prospect at a trade show booth so you should have a private area where you can discuss business. Place a small table with chairs behind a curtain or off to the side of the booth to indicate that it is a private space. It will help you maintain focus on the prospect and he or she will be able to hear what is being said during your presentation and when asking questions.

Create Interactive Displays

Many booths get passed by at trade shows unless they have something to attract traffic. An interactive display by using your products can draw attention and people to your booth to try their hand at using the display. Along with drawing more traffic, it keeps them there longer than they would otherwise be, which gives your staff more time to interact with them.

Go to the People


Don’t wait for traffic to find your booth but have some of your staff go out onto the floor to hand out entries for a giveaway or flyers about a product that you’re introducing. They can chat with people who may be interested in your company’s products or services and either direct them to your booth or take them over to it. Having one-on-one time is important for developing relationships with potential customers or vendors.Being creative will draw the traffic to your booth to help your business find customers and increase its sales.

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