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Wide Format Banner Printing

What is Wide Format Banner Printing?

Wide format banner printing (Large Format Banner Printing) is the production of PVC printed banners on large inkjet printing machines. The machines print at least 1m wide, with many machines offering more than this, ranging right up to 5m wide. Banners larger than this are printed in more than one piece and joined using a special heat welding technique.

Banners are printed on a specialist PVC material that is flexible, weatherproof and strong, and the banners are usually hemmed on each edge for additional strength and neatness.

What Printing Machines Are Used?

Banners are printed on wide format machines - essentially just very large inkjet printers. They use solvent inks which bite into the banner material giving them excellent durability. The solvent print is fully weatherproof as well as being scratch and fade resistant.

The banner material comes on rolls and these rolls are loaded onto the back of the machines ready for printing. As the printed banner comes through the machine, it is taken up on another roll. Once the roll is complete it will hold many banners. These are then removed ready for trimming and finishing.

What Material Are Wide Format Banners Printed On?

We mostly print our banners on a high quality, industry standard 440gsm matt banner material. it is a vinyl material that comes on wide rolls. The material is tough and flexible and displays colours extremely well. it is also weatherproof so can be used outdoors. The material has a core of fibres that make it an incredible string and difficult to tear.

Banner material is also available in a mesh variant which has many small holes in it to let air through, making it ideal for windy areas. We also use double sided banner material designed to be printed on both sides, and this is thicker than regular 440gsm material.

How Are Wide Format Banners Finished?

Once the banner has come off the machine, the roll of printed material is spread out onto a production table and each banner is trimmed by hand to size, following guides that are printed onto the design. The banners are then finished with hems and eyelets or pole pockets, as required.

All of this work is done by hand to ensure a high and consistent level of quality. Careful handling of the banners is important at all times to avoid any kinking or scratching during the production process.