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If you’re planning on hosting a booth soon at a tradeshow, then you’re probably brainstorming ideas with your team to ensure that your exhibition is a success. It’s a fantastic way to unleash your services and products to the world, but planning it correctly is one of the keys to success for your business. There are many different strategies you can use and the equipment you have (such as your exhibition stands and promotional materials) can have a drastic effect on the overall quality of your appearance.

If you want to make an impact at your next tradeshow attendance, then here are a couple of tips to help you out.

1. Set Your Goals

Firstly, set your goals. What do you want to achieve at the tradeshow? What kind of results do you expect? What kind of people do you want to encounter? There are many different goals that you could have as an exhibitor and the best way to approach them is to set some goals in the first place. Without setting goals, you’ll have no idea if you met your expectations or if the entire thing was a failure. What you define as a successful trade show appearance will depend on the goals you’ve outlined with your team. Your goal could be networking with a number of people, it could be receiving a certain number of retweets across the event, or it could be the number of clicks your products get on your webpage.

2. Utilize Hashtags

You should be utilizing Twitter as much as possible during the event. Make sure you’re using the trade show’s official hashtag in all of your tweets. This will ensure that your tweets are seen by the media and influencers, and it will also be seen by people at the event itself. It gives your tweets more visibility which is never a bad thing.

Some popular ways of printing hashtags are on outdoor vinyl banners as well as corflute signs

3. Announce Your Coverage Early

Remind people on social media, community forums and even your website that you’ll be covering your booth. Don’t do it too frequently so that it annoys people, but do it often enough so that it reminds them to keep up with your social media pages. You may need a social media manager or at least someone dedicated to covering the event in order to always have fresh new content and news worth listening to.

4. Hire a Social Media Manager

If you don’t already have someone capable of managing your social media, then make sure you hire one even if it’s temporary. Social media managers will make spreading and promoting your business so much easier. It’s all about helping you connect with clients, managing hashtags, spreading your influence and getting more attendees to check out your booth. Managing social media on your own can be a stressful and time-consuming task, hence why it’s best to have someone manage it for you so you can focus on representing your company instead. Social media managers can also utilize the power of outdoor flags and teardrop banners to showcase their capabilities.

5. Create a Separate Web Page

You’ve likely already got a website (if you don’t, it’s crucial to set one up now!) and it probably has a bunch of different pages. However, what it might not have right now is a page dedicated to your appearance at the event. Most companies simply make a blog post or a news entry regarding their attendance at a trade show event, but it’s a great idea to set up a dedicated web page for your exhibition. This is because it can easily outline all of the information about the event, and it can be linked to at the exhibition itself. With a simple URL and a clear design, you can lead people to that web page and give them more information about your products and services. You can list your booth number and even give people a map so they know where you are.

6. Focus on Your Booth Appearance

Most people don’t realize just how important it is to have the right exhibition displays and stands. Appearances are everything at a trade show and you’d be foolish not to put together a stunning booth. Whether it’s the promotional materials that you use, the demonstration you have prepared or even the computers and hardware you’ll be using, it’s important to prepare an attractive booth. Luckily, this can easily be done even without the help of someone that specializes in designing trade booths. There are many portable exhibition displays that you can use and as long as you show off your logo and pictures of your products or services, you should have an easy time attracting attention. Booth appearance can also be aided by outdoor branded marquees and portable exhibition stands in marketing your brand stand out and skyrocket.

7. Be Ready to Socialize

A big part of trade shows is that you need to provide attendees with conversation. You need to be able to answer their questions and you should be able to start up discussions on the internet with your hashtags and social media polls and messages. If you’re not being social, then your business won’t spread via word of mouth.

8. Run Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways can give you a lot of attention on both social media and on the trade show floor. There are many different prizes you can hand out and competitions you can host, but the important point here is the type of reward you offer and how you present it. If you give your audience something disposable like printed table throws then there’s a good chance it’ll be thrown away at the end of the event with your logo on it. Have something reusable or long-lasting so that your attendees remember you.

9. Consider Live Online Streaming

Thanks to modern technological advances and streaming platforms, you can now broadcast directly from the event and show your reveals and other information online. It’s a growing trend that manages to capture large audiences and gets people talking about your event. Even if you can only afford to broadcast for a short time on Twitter, it’s a fantastic way to get people involved and talking about your products assuming you have something to show.

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