Temporary displays for here today, sales tomorrow experiences.
The cost and commitment of a full retail rental in a shopping centre can mount up; and sometimes you just need a quick burst of activity to get people to notice your brand. Whether you’re promoting a new product or just want to connect with more potential customers, the open concept of a temporary shopping centre display makes it easy and inviting to engage with your brand.
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Every shopping centre and mall is different, so you’ll need a solution that is flexible in layout, appearance and setup. Your stand should also be able to be easily transported and set up by one person to minimise staffing costs, so look for display options that are lightweight and pack small.
Popup displays

Popup stands are a perfect solution for shopping centre experiences. Lightweight and portable, they can be easily reskinned to support new product launches, and are easily set up by one person.

Popup Displays
Promotional counters
Promotional counters

A portable counter is the perfect solution for shopping centre displays. Easily carried in a hard-wheeled case, these lightweight display counters feature wrap around graphics, and shelving to make storing product samples and materials easy.

modular stands

For regular shopping centre pop-ups, a modular display offers the flexibility to be reconfigured depending on the space you’re using, allowing it to be used multiple times in different shopping environments.

Modular Stand
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Exhibition stand packages

Everything you need for your shopping centre display in one simple package.

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Boost the power of your message with simple but high impact signage.


Make sure everything from the wall to the counter is working hard for your brand.